Refund Policy

PlanTEEs is an environmentally conscious, zero-wate brand which produces items only to your order. Please help us to stay as ace-friendly as possible and check out the sizing guide before you place your order. If you need any help with choosing the best size or have any questions about our products, feel free to contact us:

As we are producing the items to your unique orders, we can not accept returns. However, to make our customers happy and satisfied is part of our mission. This is why we offer size exchange option if you have ordered for the first time. If you need a size exchange, please let us know first ( in 14 days after getting it. We can not cover the shipping costs of return the original product, but we cover the costs of sending you the new, fitting one. Please note, that your original product (that you send us back) must be unworn, clean and in the same condition as you got it otherwise, we can’t do the change. We start to produce your new item, when the old one got back to us in proper condition, processing time is the same like you’ve ordered a new item.

Some items are available in stock, in case of refunding these goods, we apply the existing laws.



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