What is PlanTEEs?

PlanTEEs is a mission.
Just like being vegan. Eating only plants is such a strange thing in our society that we are always made to explain ourselves: “Plants have feelings too.” “How did you get your protein?” “…but, don’t even fish?” Familiar, isn’t it? No matter if you started a few weeks or several years ago, because every vegan knows: the hardest part of being vegan is to answer other people’s redundant questions about your health and the feelings of plants. Just joking. The hardest part is actually waking up at 5 am to milk the almonds.
However, let’s take is seriously. Billions of animals are killed every single day. Billions of sentient beings for taste and pleasure. Our mission is to help you building bridges to non-vegans and starting conversations about vegan life and how simple is to live is a cruelty-free and harmless way. Wear what you believe in!

Our products are vegan, ethical and organic (jumpers contain 20% reused material). We are trying to stay zero-waste, so we are making our apparels to order, pressing them within doors. Also considering the environment, we use “recycled” materials for packaging (if we are run out of boxes our neighbors happily help us out).

Let’s see!



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